Not just sales, but market research and advice.



POLOBIO s.r.l. is an export consultancy Italian firm dedicated to organic product manufacturers and to the promotion of Italian Food and Beverages and Natural Cosmetic products. It already operates in Mass market, Health Channel and Organic market.


POLOBIO offers small and medium sized Italian and foreign companies a wide range of services to meet specific needs in a highly personalized manner: Company research/evaluation in relation to the market, strategic positioning of a product, line or brand in the most suitable market segment and distribution channel, creation of new sales networks, advice on obtaining certification and ministerial decrees, Market expansion and acquisition of new markets and trade fair support during major Worldwide exhibitions.It has a structure formed of professionals with many years of commercial experience in the organic sector, key and strategic promoter of products in the world.The staff members are selected by an accurate studying of the market that the organization want to explore and amplify, according to the experience and the foreign languages knowledge that each member has.


We expect to expand our client portfolio and expand more into Asia and Russia. Thanks to the thorough research done for each product, we have found that some of them can undoubtedly expand into international areas not yet within our competence.


The empowerment of all staff members is the key of Polobio, the strongly cohesion and the trust, is definitely one of the values of the company, followed by a transparency with the clients, fairness as lead factor and reliability of actions in its relations with the client, that are based on mutual trust and reciprocity.




Export Manager

She has been collaborating with Polobio for more than ten years: it is one of the pillars of the office and extremely well prepared in the field of export. In his collaboration with Polobio, she is the contact person for raw materials, which she exports with great success throughout Europe. Sweet and extremely empathetic, Stefania is for the office and all the staff, a fundamental figure for the company and for any question or uncertainty.



Office Manager

Roberta is the Export Manager and Office Manager in our firm. While studying she starts to Organize Events in fairs around Italy and Art Exhibitions. Roberta has a strong knowledge of the Export Market and a focus on customer service. Right hand of the Big Boss Luca and Office’s Manager she is the trainer of our staff and the problem solving of every matter. 

She loves to travel, Yoga and is extremely passionate about organic product.

Senza titolo


Export Manager

She is one of the first Export Manager of Polobio. She is a strong connection between our firm and our Associate in Germany, focus on details and extremely organize, she is one of the strong pillars in the office, despite her young age. While finishing her Master degree in Foreign languages for business communication in Gallway, Ireland, started collaborate with Polobio.

She loves to read, travel and animals.



Export Manager

Export Manager Marta is Polobio Export Manager, extremely focused on details and with a strong knowledge of the Export Market. Through her University studies of Foreign languages for business communication in Italy and Germany, worked for Luxury Estate Venues focusing in customer service and front office management.

Very active in volunteering, she loves to travel and all about Organic/Bio world.



Export Manager

With many experiences behind her in different parts of the world, Greta joined our team as export manager with lots of enthusiasm. She studied Foreign Languages ​​for Business Communication in Italy and Armenia, delving into international markets in Germany and Turkey, and is committed to building solid and trusting relationships with customers. Sunny, adventurous and aim-oriented by nature, Greta loves spontaneous travels, cliff climbing and good food.




 Decades of experience in the Export World and a strong work ethic, Luca is the figure who nourished and empower Polobio and its staff.

It is not in stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves – William Shakespeare
It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up –Vince Lombardi
The Future Belongs To The Competent. Get Good, Get Better, Be The Best – Brian Tracy
It is the time you wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important - A. de Saint-Exupèry
Your destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things - Henry Miller
… building relationships between us and the people, this is our first aims - Luca